Integral insolvency consulting

Insolvency advice can also mean avoiding insolvency.

When I counsel you, the first step is for you to explain to me how your situation and problem came about. No one can do this as well as you, because you are the expert on your problem or crisis. You created them, right?

Therefore, please believe me when I tell you that you are also the expert to solve the problem. Even if this seems far away to you at the moment, it corresponds to reality.

I specialize in working with you to gain new perspectives on your problem. To use what I know about taxes, law and finances, but also about developmental psychological aspects in people, to work out very concrete solutions. So that you can powerfully take the next steps and grow beyond yourself.


Impending over-indebtedness or insolvency require your urgent action.

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We develop the optimal solution and implementation strategy for your situation together.

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Holistically and systematically, we position your company for sustainable success.

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Raising capital

By raising the necessary capital, we ensure your ability to act.

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What does integral insolvency counseling mean?

The integral approach of my method is to analyze a company not only by numbers, but from an all-encompassing, systemic perspective. There are three elements that are interdependent and have a direct impact on the success of a business.


The company in the external presentation

How is the external presentation of a company, its image, from which values is it conducted, what is its recognition effect? What competitive advantages can the company score with, where is hidden Potential for visibility and how is the marketing structured? And of course: What are the economic factors? When did the company start, to sick?

Personality of the entrepreneur

Ultimately, it is always the sum of the decisions made by the management of a company that leads to success or failure. That’s why it’s worth looking at the personal behaviors and attitudes that lie behind them. Which leadership style is preferred? What about the willingness to reflect? How is communication done, both internally and externally? Which professional competencies are available and which are still missing?


The employees/staff in the company

In what direction does the workforce “push”, what life of its own does the sum of the employees lead? Are talents sufficiently promoted? Is a value-oriented culture lived? Does a transparent management style prevail? What about the error culture? What is the hierarchy structure?

Insolvency consulting - Our cooperation

With the GOAL method in 3 steps to turnaround.

Basics & Orientation

Understanding is half the battle.
What is your specific, most urgent problem? You learn to look at and understand the problem from a new perspective. What was its purpose? How did it come into being? With this approach, it loses its threatening nature and opens the view for the next steps towards your vision.


Back to self-efficacy with feasible steps
What is your plan? Where are you going? What concrete measures are needed to get closer to your vision? Together we develop a strategy for feasible steps, with intermediate stages and milestones. This way your energy comes back and your self-confidence is strengthened.

Secure for the long term

Only practice makes perfect
Recognizing the problem and developing a new attitude towards it is the basis for your solution. With the plan in your pocket and the goal firmly in sight, almost nothing can go wrong. Now you may go off and also stay on it. With a sophisticated strategy, we leave nothing to chance. Step by step to new shores and powerfully across the finish line.