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Insolvency advisor - sustainable debt relief through professional insolvency advice.

An insolvency consultant assists business owners who are over-indebted, insolvent, or likely to become insolvent soon. An insolvency consultant is already engaged when the possibility of restructuring still exists. He analyzes the economic situation of the company and identifies the restructuring concept that is best suited for debt relief. If corporate insolvency is inevitable, then insolvency consulting develops a strategy to achieve the best possible and sustainable debt reorganization.

In-court and out-of-court remediation avenues.

An insolvency consultant knows the various judicial and extrajudicial reorganization paths. Corporate insolvency can affect corporations and partnerships. The types of corporate insolvency include regular insolvency, insolvency in self-administration ESUG and the StaRUG procedure. By analyzing the situation, insolvency consulting finds out how to avert a corporate insolvency or how to use an inevitable corporate insolvency as an opportunity.

Typical tasks during and before corporate insolvency.

Typical tasks of insolvency consulting are the preparation of a strategy for debt settlement, talks with creditors, preparation of the insolvency plan procedure, support of the company in filing the petition, advice on the legal dispute, negotiation of contracts with the insolvency administrator for the takeover of the tangible assets as well as the examination of the labor law situation in the company. Some of these tasks must be performed by persons who have the legal qualifications to do so under the Legal Advice Act.

Insolvency consulting is strategy consulting.

An insolvency consultant’s goal is not only to avoid corporate insolvency and garnishments, but also to set the course for long-term business success. A smart strategy is needed to counter the liquidity squeeze. Therefore, it is important that the insolvency consultant has sufficient experience. For example, in the case of sole proprietorships, it is possible to ensure the continuation of the business without the incurred liabilities by having the previous owner manage the business in a self-employed capacity. In the case of corporations (e.g. limited liability companies), one possible solution is for the entrepreneur to acquire the fixed assets through a rescue company without the previous liabilities (asset deal). If necessary, the insolvency advisory service will examine whether the takeover of the company by a new legal entity is a sensible option. The insolvency consultant then creates the conditions for the new company to be able to enter directly into the business operations of the insolvent company, thus preserving the business relationships that have been established.

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Restructuring to avoid corporate insolvency.

If insolvency is imminent but has not yet occurred, the Act on the Stabilization and Restructuring Framework for Enterprises (StaRUG) is an option. Then the insolvency consultant supports the company in achieving reorganization outside of insolvency proceedings. For this purpose, he prepares a financial plan and a liquidity plan for the next one to two years. Unlike insolvency proceedings, such restructuring is not made public.

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Insolvenzberatung, Restrukturierung.

Insolvency advice on restructuring.

In order to avoid corporate insolvency in advance, negotiations between the creditors and the debtor are necessary in many cases. The insolvency consultant takes into account the interests of all stakeholders affected by insolvency proceedings. He mediates between the debtor and the creditors and moderates the refinancing negotiations. Restructuring is also possible if individual creditors do not agree with this path.

Insolvency consultant assists companies in raising capital.

An insolvency consultant explores new ways to raise capital. He accompanies his clients to meetings with banks and capital providers. In addition, the insolvency consultancy carries out company valuations and prepares calculations on restructuring scenarios within or outside of insolvency proceedings. If necessary, the insolvency consultant sets up reorganization and liquidation trusts. The overriding goal is to place the company on a solid long-term footing.

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Personal experience is an important factor in bankruptcy counseling.

If an insolvency consultant has his or her own experience as a business owner and entrepreneur, then his or her skills are particularly valuable for companies threatened by corporate insolvency. A good mentor combines expertise with personal experiential knowledge. Since an insolvency consultant always supports companies in crisis situations, he should be very familiar with crises. Entrepreneurial potential is not described exclusively by operational key figures. It is always about people, who are at the center of decisions and actions.


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