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Professional restructuring advice for a fast restart.

As a professional restructuring consultant , insolvency consultant and reorganization consultant I optimize the organization and structures in your company. It is not uncommon for businesses to find themselves in crisis situations. The market and competitive environment is subject to fluctuations. As an experienced organizational consultant and restructuring advisor, I know that crises are often not home-made, but result from external developments that cannot be influenced. Many liquidity crises are similar. Therein lies the opportunity for an external restructuring advisor.

Dynamics in the event of a liquidity crisis.

As a restructuring consultant, I have often seen a liquidity crisis come to a head in companies. Then there is the threat of a dangerous downward spiral. The company can no longer pay wages on time. This leads to uncertainty in the workforce. Payments to suppliers are also not made on time. Business relationships are in danger of breaking down. Employer contributions for social security are in arrears, so that late payment penalties take effect. In this situation, it is only a matter of time before enforcement applications are filed. Professional restructuring advice is absolutely needed now.

Restructuring advice at the right time is promising.

The easiest way out of the downward spiral is to start restructuring early.

As an insolvency consultant, restructuring consultant and reorganization consultant, I have often been able to accompany my clientele on a successful new start. But of course I have also experienced cases in which insolvency could no longer be avoided because restructuring advice started too late and the company was unable to raise capital in time.

As an insolvency consultant, restructuring consultant and reorganization consultant, I develop a strategy.

First, I analyze the operational situation and the relevant key figures. In this way, we create clarity. On this basis, I identify possible solutions during restructuring consulting that will help your company out of its liquidity crisis. As an experienced turnaround consultant, I will create a plan for the future of your business. Restructuring consulting is not a cure for details, but a holistic and systematic approach. I develop a long term strategy to keep your business going.

As a restructuring consultant, I bring together the interests of all stakeholders

The aim of restructuring advice is to avert the threat of insolvency while there is still time and resources to do so. If the liquidity crisis is advanced, then creditors and investors exert pressure to initiate far-reaching debt relief measures. But these actors cannot be the better organizational consultants. As a restructuring consultant, I consider the interests of all stakeholders.

Insolvenzberatung ist Strategieberatung.
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Insolvenzberater, Insolvenzberatung

New opportunities in restructuring consulting.

In recent years, the legislator has created new possibilities for the reorganization and restructuring of companies (ESUG and StaRUG). As a restructuring consultant, I take advantage of opportunities to deleverage the company and put it on a solid footing, if possible outside of insolvency proceedings. To this end, I draw up a strategic liquidity plan and, if necessary, conduct negotiations with creditors. The sooner the capital flows again, the sooner the successful future of your company begins.

Restrukturierungsberatung, Restrukturierungsberater.
Restrukturierungsberatung, Restrukturierungsberater.

Restructuring consulting paves the way to success.

As an insolvency consultant and reorganization advisor, I support your company in setting the course for a new start. A liquidity crisis does not always lead to insolvency. Successful restructuring requires rapid, decisive and strategic countermeasures. I am convinced that a restructuring consultant should see himself primarily as an insolvency consultant, a restructuring consultant and a reorganization consultant. After all, the goal is always to ensure the continued existence of the company and its values. This refers not only to material values, but also to ideal values.

As a restructuring consultant, I am focused on your potential.

As an insolvency consultant, I am not satisfied with avoiding insolvency. My goal is sustainable debt reduction and healthy growth. As an external restructuring consultant, I would like to help you to assert yourself on the market in the long term. I know restructuring not only from theory, but also from practice. In restructuring consulting, I focus on the strengths of your company. Potential does not simply disappear in a liquidity crisis. They are still available. As a long-time experienced remediation consultant, I am convinced that a fresh start is possible.

Restrukturierungsberater, Restrukturierungsberatung.


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Raising capital

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As an insolvency consultant, restructuring consultant and reorganization consultant I support your company! I want to set the course for long-term operational success. It is best to contact me directly!