my name is Wilfried Ley.

I guide entrepreneurs through economically troubled waters and take the helm in the short term until the businesses get back on course. As an insolvency consultant, I bring clarity to your situation with acumen and analytical flair and support solution approaches that help you out of the crisis.

Wilfried Ley

More than an insolvency consultant.

Entrepreneurs in financial crisis situations need more than an insolvency consultant who explains figures and legal texts to them. They need a trustworthy companion who, on the one hand, smooths out the legal and commercial framework, but who is also deeply interested in the people. When you are in crisis, you need someone to be there for you and boost your growth on all levels.

I know this because I have been self-employed since I was 18 years old, have come through insolvencies myself and am now successfully active in seven companies as a director, managing director or board member.

Learned is learned.

The basis of what I do is my business degree, my diploma in real estate economics and my Master of Law. Further training in the areas of insolvency, reorganization, rating and foundation management complement my professional expertise. I have been advising companies since 1990, during which time I have carried out over 300 projects and also assisted in more than 100 insolvency proceedings. I have been managing partner of KMU Kompass GmbH since 1999 and of Flatrate Media GmbH in Oberhausen since 2018.

I love the international arena and commute both professionally and privately between London and Oberhausen.

Shards bring gold.

Is broken equal to broken? Not in Japan. When porcelain cups, bowls or jugs break there, they are artfully repaired using “Kintsugi”. The individual parts are glued together again with a mixture of an adhesive and the finest gold leaf to create individual pieces of art. The results are beautiful and convey the philosophical approach that also reflects my work:

Instead of regretting what is broken, we should learn to appreciate what is imperfect and see the opportunity in the crisis.

When I had to file for bankruptcy with four companies in 1998, it was bitter and a difficult time. Also for my family environment. The dark clouds of insolvency do not stop at private life. If someone had told me at the time to see the good in this crisis, I probably would have felt mocked. And yet today I look back and see the good aspects of this supposed failure. I see my mistakes acting like yeast for my success today.

You could say I needed this crisis to come out of it stronger and also to be a good mentor to people like you.

A mentor who knows what he’s talking about. Not only on a professional level. But from person to person. Kintsugi is also called “the art of accepting damage”. This is how I understand my task and I will help you to accept what you might call damage or failure, in order to strengthen and refine your entrepreneurial power. If I could send myself, that is Wilfried, an encouraging message from the future in 1998, it would read as follows:

“Dear Wilfried, do not grieve. You are a human being and on this earth to make mistakes and learn from them. It may be that you feel worthless right now. There is no reason for that. Look: if I take a 50 € bill out of my wallet, throw it on the floor and step on it with my shoes. How much is it still worth afterwards? Exactly, still 50 €. Your value is inviolable, you are valuable, even if you can’t see it now.”

If you are ready to recognize the good in yourself and your crisis and want to powerfully tackle your entrepreneurial future with my support, then we should get to know each other.

I look forward to seeing you.