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Starting a business is always associated with risks and imponderables. Due to external conditions that cannot be influenced, companies unfortunately find themselves in difficult waters time and again. The crisis is a time of decision. Counteracting this situation is anything but routine, but a strategic task. That’s why you need a reliable strategy consultant at your side, right from the heart of practice!

Strategy consulting function.

When a liquidity crisis occurs, it is important to react quickly. Because fundamental decisions are now required. Overlooking an option can have fatal consequences. Corrections are often no longer possible afterwards. As an experienced strategy consultant, I analyze the operational situation as well as the key figures and develop solution concepts for the reorganization or restructuring of your company. As long as it is somehow possible, insolvency proceedings should be avoided. For this purpose, I also hold talks with banks, suppliers and service providers, if necessary. As an expert strategy consultant, I set the course for successful restructuring.

Strategy consultations during the insolvency proceedings.

Even if the initiation of insolvency proceedings can no longer be prevented, strategy consultations are definitely worthwhile. If possible, I develop a strategy for the future of your business even before the insolvency petition is filed. As a professional insolvency consultant, I find out how your company can be preserved along with the customer relationships that have grown up.

Explore options for starting over.

A new beginning is possible! I have experienced and accompanied this time and again during my many years as an insolvency consultant and strategy consultant. Various examples illustrate how things can continue after insolvency and after the strategy consultations: Sole proprietors continue the business as self-employed persons. Or in the case of a corporation: A rescue company acquires the existing fixed assets from the GmbH without the previous liabilities (asset deal). As a strategy consultant I can assure you: You will see light at the end of the tunnel!

Insolvenzberatung ist Strategieberatung.
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Insolvenzberater, Insolvenzberatung

A good strategy consultant acts far-sightedly and quickly.

During insolvency proceedings, not only is liquidity scarce, but so is time. As a strategy consultant, I therefore prepare the decisions as quickly as possible.If the company is to be taken over by a new legal entity, it is important to have an optimal connection. Otherwise, the new company risks losing orders.

Strategieberatung, Strategieberater
Strategieberatung, Strategieberater.

Launch strategy consultancies at the right time.

The timing at which strategy consultancies begin is often critical. As an experienced organizational consultant and strategic advisor, I know that insolvency is not the end. I want to use all my strength to ensure that values are safeguarded and jobs protected in the course of the restructuring. As a qualified strategy consultant I recognize from the outside perspective which way will lead your company out of the liquidity bottleneck! I would like to help you find the right strategy. I advise you with expertise, strategic vision and empathy. The earlier strategy consultations take place, the more likely we are to succeed in securing the continued existence of your company and, not least, your vision!

Strategy consultancies create perspectives.

Strategy consultations are required to keep track of the various options: Continuation of the business as an independent activity, continuation through self-administration, insolvency plan, transferable reorganization or liquidation are some of the possible solutions. In business management, I know not only theoretically, but above all through my own experience. After all, I have been professionally self-employed since I came of age. I am aware of what a financial crisis means for entrepreneurs. I have been able to demonstrate my expertise as a restructuring consultant over many years. If the entrepreneurial future is secured for my clients, then I am satisfied.

Strategieberatungen, Strategieberater


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