Raising capital

Overcoming the crisis and securing the future with capital procurement.

Capital procurement refers to all measures aimed at providing the business with further liquid funds. The procurement of money is the prerequisite for using employees, machines, equipment, buildings as well as vehicles and thus producing new goods or providing services. A liquidity bottleneck threatens planning security. Decisions can then only be made with reservations. In such a crisis, raising capital is the top priority. The sooner the capital flows again, the sooner you will turn your creativity back into operational success and growth.

Without raising capital, entrepreneurship does not exist.

Anyone who sets up a company makes an advance payment. Investments must be made even before the first revenues are generated. Employees, rent and suppliers have to be paid – regardless of how high sales are at the moment. A good idea must not fail due to a lack of capital – neither at the start-up nor during expansion or in a liquidity crisis. My mission is therefore to help companies in crisis situations raise capital.

Priority for raising capital.

Securing liquidity is a particular challenge in any restructuring. For companies in a crisis situation, access to bank loans is often not available. If a reorganization is pending, the banks tighten their requirements when granting a loan. If no alternative financiers are available, then the continuity of business operations is at risk and the trust of employees as well as suppliers is in danger of being lost. As an independent restructuring consultant, I help companies find the right capital providers.

Restructuring requires capital.

You want to optimize the structures in your company? Capital forms the basis for this. Without adequate funding, the availability of other resources (personnel, IT, technical infrastructure, etc.) is also no longer guaranteed. Therefore, it is important to address a lack of capital quickly and decisively. As a restructuring consultant, I have been able to support many companies in raising capital. That’s how I know: A liquidity crisis is not the end of the line, but a turning point!

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Fortunately, a liquidity crisis does not always lead to insolvency.

The goal of raising capital is not simply to prevent insolvency and ward off garnishments. It should not come to that in the first place! My goal is to secure the financing of your company in the long term. If it does come to the insolvency comes, this also does not mean the end. Meanwhile, bankruptcy law offers some opportunities for entrepreneurs to transform the conception, finances or structure of the company.
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Insolvenzberatung, Restrukturierung.

I know the different forms of raising capital.

As a turnaround consultant, I know about raising capital not only from theory, but have dealt with it time and time again as an entrepreneur. Whether credits, loans, leasing, project financing, private investors or completely unconventional solutions – I am very familiar with all forms of capital procurement. Based on the operational key figures and your business goals, I will find the right solution for you. As an independent restructuring consultant, I want to ensure that the capital flows as quickly as possible and that you can concentrate fully on your core business again.

Liquidity crisis does not mean failure.

I have often seen a company stagnate despite strong products, and a liquidity crisis ensues. Many general conditions cannot be influenced by the entrepreneurs themselves: The economy, interest rates, the competitive environment, legal requirements and taxes. Unforeseen crises such as Corona and the energy shortage do the rest. Therefore, a liquidity crisis has nothing to do with personal failure. I myself have also experienced serious crises and even insolvencies during my entrepreneurial involvement. This is precisely why I can draw on the appropriate concepts, instruments and contacts. The inner attitude should not be underestimated.

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Raising capital

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Your contact for capital procurement!

Every success story that I have been able to witness and help shape as a restructuring consultant spurs me on again. There’s still something to do! I would also like to help you find the right investors so that you can realize and complete your vision. You are an expert for your product, I am a specialist for raising capital. With this division of labor we will lead your company on a successful course!